The Biggest Loser – 12/2/2008

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So there you go, we’re down to the last four.  RIP Renee, although I gotta say you did great. 

But that’s putting the cart before the pig…let’s break down things a bit:

The makeovers – they got their hair, makeup (you too Ed), and wardrobe made over by some gay dudes.  The most noteable of which was the “Hot Mess/Tranny/Fierce” guy.  I gotta say that that Ed, Heba, Michelle, and Renee all really benefited from their makeovers.  Vicky looked like a man in drag.  I really never believed a makeover would improve her much, but holy crap; her makeover actually set her back. 

After the makeovers were done, they all got to show off their new looks for Tyra Banks, and Tyra’s two best friends, the lead singers from Roxette and the Fine Young Cannibals. 

Then, they had a night out on the town in Times Square, where it just so happened that Bob and Jillian broadcast a live TV show every week.  What are the chances the 5 contestants would be there to see it?

Back to California and losing weight. 

On their return, they had a challenge.  They each had to stand in a go-go box over a moat filled with sharks (ok, the sharks were just a fantasy) and hold on with no floor beneath their feet.  The last one to fall into the pool won a 2 week spa vacation.  Vicky lost her remaining marbles about two minutes into the thing and started freaking out and disqualified herself.  She then sat in the box, refusing to jump into the pool.  Even after the entire event was over, she still sat their like a moron for like another 30 minutes locked up in fear.  What made this little moment all the better was Vicky’s statement before the challenge where she said something to the effect of “If there’s a challenge with a spa trip as a prize, I told everyone they’d better watch out, cuz I’m gonna win it.”  I ran the DVR back to watch her say that a few times….

So far, this episode was a Vicky-haters dream! Then, the weigh-in. 

Vicky posted some crap numbers, but Renee and Ed were even worse, which landed them both below the line once all was said and done.  It doesn’t take a genius to tell you who got voted off when you consider it was Michelle and Renee vs. the unholy trinity.  Renee was classy in her departure, and has really done well since leaving.  Her husband seemed to agree too!

So, I’m sitting there after watching Renee get the boot, and thinking that we have our four finalists.  BUT…Alison was pretty specific in saying that they were the final four contestants, but that they still had one more week to determine who was in the final!  WHA????  I saw in next week’s preview that something involving America voting is going to have some sort of determination regarding who the finalists are. 

Here’s my theory – the producers, seeing blogs like this, and a flood of “I hate Vicky” posts on NBC’s website are going to give us a chance to vote in such a way that Vicky’s unprecedented unpopularity will give her some long awaited come-upins.   I think that the producers of the show have taken enough heat about her that this is their way of telling us to do what we’ve gotta do.

Consider it done NBC.  My vote is ready to be cast!


Biggest Loser 12/2/08 PREVIEW

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Well, tonight looks interesting.  The gang all gets to go to NYC for makeovers and an appearance on the Tyra show.  We get to test the theory of what a pig looks like in lipstick when Vicky rolls out her new look.  I’m sure Ed and Heba will look great too.  Oh, who am I kidding? 

Hmmm…on second thought, I may just DVR this, and skip past the makeovers, Jell-O, Ziplock, and Extra gum and go straight to the weigh-in.

The Biggest Loser – 11/25/2008

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Ok, so last week, Amy C revealed to America that she’s officially a moron.  In this week’s episode, she reaped the rewards of being a moron by being voted off by Vicky, the ugliest woman I have ever seen. 

I still don’t know what happened last week when Amy C voted off Coleen instead of Vicky.  That was like voting to keep the wolf in the henhouse.  I have never, ever, disliked, or thought so little of a contestant on this show as I do about Vicky.  Well, maybe Brady…or Heba…

How about the weigh in?  That was greatness – the four blue team members strutting up and back from the scales, thinking that they’d locked theirselves in…heck, I think Heba even farted when she was on the scale from feeling so smug.  I bet her farts are a room-clearing deadly smell of fried chicken, mushrooms, curry, and roadkill. 

So, now we’re left with Heba, Ed, Michelle, Vicky, and Renee.  I’m throwing my support fully behind Michelle and Renee.  They used to make me a little nauseous(sp) with their “reunited mother and daughter” thing, but if for no other reason than by comparison, they look pretty good to cheer for right now.  I’m also happy to know it won’t be an all-blue finale’ either.

U of L Basketball Schedule for 2008-2009

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Hi all – the new season has started!  Two exhibition games, and two regular season games down, and all four were victorious.  Granted, you kind of expect these games to be won, but it’s nice to see that U of L is living up to all of their hype so far.  Nonetheless, major kudos to rolling over Morehead State (chuckle) and South Alabama last weekend!

Also, here’s a link to the 2008-2009 Bball schedule.  It gives info about which network is covering it, which if you’re an out of market fan like me, is very important:

Go Cards!!

Biggest Loser – 11/18/08

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Ok, all apologies to Karen who commented on my last post about loving Amy C, but she’s officially in the doghouse.  What was she thinking???  At the elimination, Amy had to choose between the ever-pleasant sweet Coleen and hell-beast Vicky, and chose Coleen!  Ugh! 

From an emotional standpoint, this makes no sense.  Vicky started spewing vile remails to and about Amy the whole week.  We also learned that apparently anyone who ticks off Vicky makes her sick to even look at them. 

From a strategic standpoint, it makes a little more sense.  One, having voted Brady off, Amy gets to be one of the final 4 blue team members, so as long as they stick together, they should cruise to the finals.  Two, there seems to have been a better chance for the blue team to continually put up good enough numbers to ensure that no more than one of them fell below the line.

But enough with all of that – I can’t stand Vicky or Heba.  Ed seems to kick back and let the little (I use that term lightly) lady do whatever she wants, so he’s more complacent than abrasive, but still.  Yuck. 

On an unrelated note, Alison should never, ever do that 80’s thing EVER again.

Biggest Loser 11/11/08 – my newest rant topic

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Ok, my newest rant will be about the Biggest Loser.  U of L still has some time to go before B-Ball is in full swing, and well, football doesn’t have anything to sing about.

The Biggest Loser is the only reality show I watch I’m proud to say.  Most reality TV is crap, but this show really is neat to watch; it’s not filled with a bunch of skanks running around in their drawers, nor is it overly-dramatic.  The producers seem to take the high road where that type of typical reality TV fare is concerned, and usually only show drama when it seems to happen naturally (or so they would have us believe!).

Every season, I always have a few people I like, and a few I don’t.  I have to say that until this season, there was never anyone I loathed though.  This season, I’ve got my craptastic four: Heba, her husband Ed, Brady, and his pet pig Vicky.  These four have plotted, schemed, and been all around jerks to anyone in their way.  Especially to Phil, who I really like. 

That said, here are my two cents about last night’s episode:

BRADY’S GONE!!!!!!! 

Last night when Ed came back, I told my wife I wasn’t going to watch it any more, certain that the craptastic four would roll on to the finale.  Strangely enough, I think it was Ed’s return that really helped put Amy over the line and cast her swing vote.  Let’s face it – if it had been Amy and ANY of the other four members of the blue team under the line, Amy would’ve found herself under the bus and going home.  Plus, how can you align yourself these four??? 

I think Vicky is a complete head-case.  I understand gameplay and all, but really and truly, what is wrong with her?  And seriously, Vicky looks like Miss Piggy.

Heba is worst of all, because unlike Vicky, she has the ability to reign herself in a little bit.  My prediction is that as soon as she sees her and Ed being hated by everyone in the house because of their unholy alliance, they’ll position theirselves away from Vicky because with Brady gone, and everyone seeing what a nasty person she is, she’s more of a liability than an asset. 

Brady sucks too.  I did some research on the web, and it seems that this guy is a freaking doctor?!?!?  How did that happen? 

Poor Phil – true, I think he earned a little bit of their dislike, but he’s an overall nice guy, and frankly no more or less of a gameplayer than anyone else on the show. He just happened to become a bit of a lightning rod for the ire of Heba/Brady/Vicky.  I think it’s awesome that he confronted Vicky, but frankly, I think the confrontation should have been directly to Brady instead – he should’ve told him to keep Vicky in check, and if he had any issues with it, they could’ve settled it outside.

Separated at birth – Part 2

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Hurley from LOST, and Rowlf from The Muppets