Biggest Loser – 11/18/08

Ok, all apologies to Karen who commented on my last post about loving Amy C, but she’s officially in the doghouse.  What was she thinking???  At the elimination, Amy had to choose between the ever-pleasant sweet Coleen and hell-beast Vicky, and chose Coleen!  Ugh! 

From an emotional standpoint, this makes no sense.  Vicky started spewing vile remails to and about Amy the whole week.  We also learned that apparently anyone who ticks off Vicky makes her sick to even look at them. 

From a strategic standpoint, it makes a little more sense.  One, having voted Brady off, Amy gets to be one of the final 4 blue team members, so as long as they stick together, they should cruise to the finals.  Two, there seems to have been a better chance for the blue team to continually put up good enough numbers to ensure that no more than one of them fell below the line.

But enough with all of that – I can’t stand Vicky or Heba.  Ed seems to kick back and let the little (I use that term lightly) lady do whatever she wants, so he’s more complacent than abrasive, but still.  Yuck. 

On an unrelated note, Alison should never, ever do that 80’s thing EVER again.


~ by acatcherinthewonderbread on November 21, 2008.

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