The Biggest Loser – 12/2/2008

So there you go, we’re down to the last four.  RIP Renee, although I gotta say you did great. 

But that’s putting the cart before the pig…let’s break down things a bit:

The makeovers – they got their hair, makeup (you too Ed), and wardrobe made over by some gay dudes.  The most noteable of which was the “Hot Mess/Tranny/Fierce” guy.  I gotta say that that Ed, Heba, Michelle, and Renee all really benefited from their makeovers.  Vicky looked like a man in drag.  I really never believed a makeover would improve her much, but holy crap; her makeover actually set her back. 

After the makeovers were done, they all got to show off their new looks for Tyra Banks, and Tyra’s two best friends, the lead singers from Roxette and the Fine Young Cannibals. 

Then, they had a night out on the town in Times Square, where it just so happened that Bob and Jillian broadcast a live TV show every week.  What are the chances the 5 contestants would be there to see it?

Back to California and losing weight. 

On their return, they had a challenge.  They each had to stand in a go-go box over a moat filled with sharks (ok, the sharks were just a fantasy) and hold on with no floor beneath their feet.  The last one to fall into the pool won a 2 week spa vacation.  Vicky lost her remaining marbles about two minutes into the thing and started freaking out and disqualified herself.  She then sat in the box, refusing to jump into the pool.  Even after the entire event was over, she still sat their like a moron for like another 30 minutes locked up in fear.  What made this little moment all the better was Vicky’s statement before the challenge where she said something to the effect of “If there’s a challenge with a spa trip as a prize, I told everyone they’d better watch out, cuz I’m gonna win it.”  I ran the DVR back to watch her say that a few times….

So far, this episode was a Vicky-haters dream! Then, the weigh-in. 

Vicky posted some crap numbers, but Renee and Ed were even worse, which landed them both below the line once all was said and done.  It doesn’t take a genius to tell you who got voted off when you consider it was Michelle and Renee vs. the unholy trinity.  Renee was classy in her departure, and has really done well since leaving.  Her husband seemed to agree too!

So, I’m sitting there after watching Renee get the boot, and thinking that we have our four finalists.  BUT…Alison was pretty specific in saying that they were the final four contestants, but that they still had one more week to determine who was in the final!  WHA????  I saw in next week’s preview that something involving America voting is going to have some sort of determination regarding who the finalists are. 

Here’s my theory – the producers, seeing blogs like this, and a flood of “I hate Vicky” posts on NBC’s website are going to give us a chance to vote in such a way that Vicky’s unprecedented unpopularity will give her some long awaited come-upins.   I think that the producers of the show have taken enough heat about her that this is their way of telling us to do what we’ve gotta do.

Consider it done NBC.  My vote is ready to be cast!


~ by acatcherinthewonderbread on December 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Biggest Loser – 12/2/2008”

  1. It was very heartbreaking to see Renee go, I was hoping that they would make it to the end together. But she looked great in the after pictures. My vote is ready also, GO MICHELE.

  2. I agree Karen. I’m totally behind Michelle 100% if this is truly the FINAL four. If not, and they throw in a twist like bringing someone back to replace sicky Vicky, then I’d have to re-consider.

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